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How To Build Perfect Product Pages In WooCommerce: Hands Down

Miguel Piñas

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This is the second part of our series “How to build perfect product pages in WooCommerce”. In our first article, we shared some tips on how to create your product pages. This time, we offer a hands-down approach to get you started with your first products pages.

Your product pages are the determining factor for a customer winning e-commerce site. They can either make or break online sales. Product pages are like the marketing team of a company. They should give a clear and comprehensive picture of your products. Just like a marketing team should create an overarching image of a company. Thus, ensuring you build perfect product pages is paramount.

For product pages to attract and convert customers, you will need to mix an attractive image with informative content. Here are the elements of achieving captivating product pages.

  1. Powerful Product Description

It is essential to create a detailed product description that convinces prospective customers. It should emphasize the main benefits and features of your product. Design a product description that allows easy reading. Using bullet points will enhance clarity.

Another vital aspect is the keywords. They will help you rank high in search engines. If you have thousands of product in your online store, indeed create a unique description of each. It may appear tiresome, but failure to provide unique description can make you miss a top search ranking. This can pull out your sales. Besides, a search engine might penalize you for duplicate contents and pull you down the list. Thus, to have an engaging product description ensure it is original, exciting and has adequate keywords.

  1. Perfect Product Images

Images draw the highest attention and influence on buyers. They have the highest capability of turning browsers into shoppers. Here is the blend to use for product images that build perfect product pages.

  • Use Multiple Images

Your online image should offer the capability of a live image. If you walk to a store to shop for an outfit, what will you do? Pick up the outfit, view it from all angles and imagine yourself wearing it. Similarly, customers will do that. For online shopping where customers rely on images, multiple images will facilitate customer satisfaction about product performance. You can see in Amazon how effective this is.

  • Use Perfect Product Image Photography

To have great shots of your product, you don’t need to look for fancy photography equipment. Use a smartphone and set it up on a tripod. Ensure you maintain lighting, consistency, and backdrop. To achieve good lighting, utilize natural light. Make shots during the brightest time of the day. This provides sufficient light. Don’t place your product behind a source of light. Thus, you will avoid silhouettes by not shooting into the light.

To have constant lighting, ensure you shoot all photos at the same time. Also, avoid anything that will result in shadows of the product like windows with blinds. In addition, use white papers or mirrors to entirely direct light to your product. You will eliminate the effects of direct sunlight.

Your backdrops should be consistent. Use white backgrounds as they facilitate easy editing, even light distribution, and they are easier to get. Thus, it is clear that consistency is critical with perfect product photos. Another essential part of photography is image dimensions. A product template can deliver an image with the same dimensions and scale. Scaling means having a white space around your product that is consistent with that product. You can achieve this by using available free design applications like Canva. Great photography will take you an extra mile to build perfect product pages.

  • Use All-rounded Product Photography Editing

Product photography editing is an integral part for you to build perfect product pages. Editing here is not just about fixing or sizing dimensions correctly for site speed. It’s also the ability to crop, color issues, fix lighting, change background among others. To make winning tweaks, you can use top editing functions like cropping, leveling, erasing and color adjustments tools.

  1. Customize Your Pages for Enhanced Customer Interaction

To elicit more customer interaction in your pages, do the following:-

  • Speed up Your Images to Build Perfect Product Pages

Images can affect page load times. If your visitors experience product pages that are slow to load, they will get discouraged from opening more. Therefore product pages should load fast and allow easy browsing. Optimize your pages to load quickly by using CSS for your page background. Instead of using images, use of CSS to create button-elements and borders around the image can help significantly.

Secondly, avoid using external libraries to load image galleries or plugins. They usually slow down the overall load time hence affecting your pages’ performance. Another way to enhance your product pages speed parameter it to consult Google PageSpeed Insights. You will learn how to optimize your page images, images to compress and space to save.

  • Optimize Images for Zoom

The zoom feature is essential to build perfect product pages. It enables the customer to ascertain the product’s quality in detail. The customer can build confidence in the product without physically seeing it. Zooming feature can give a competitive advantage over your competitor. For instance, zooming can reveal the quality of stitching of a shoe, or it’s shade. Hence a customer will get assured and buy your product.

To have a properly working zoom function, ensure your images’ dimensions are bigger than the main photo template. For instance, an image of 1000px x 1000px should use a template of 500px x 500px. If you hover over such main photo template, the image will be twice its size.

  • Optimize Your Page for Mobile

It is important to study how customers see your product on their mobile devices. You can use Google Analytics to compare mobile and desktop conversion rates and see if mobile shopping is performing. To leap maximally from mobile shopping, make your pages images front and center. Ensure your images are reduced in size and avoid having many third party plugins. Also, use a fixed menu bar to give customers access to the search bar, main menu, and cart.

  • Optimize Product Page SEO

Your product pages should allow you to feature the most outstanding content to rank high in search listings. To beef up your page SEO as highlighted earlier, the product description should clearly define your product. It should also match the terms the customers search for.

  1. Product Videos

Product videos have a record of winning better conversions. You can encourage and engage your customers more with a product live demo. Short videos are ideal. They are mostly useful for ‘how to’ guides. Product videos supplement product information and can convince a customer to decide to buy.

To leap greatly from your e-commerce website, consider following the above guidelines. Create a winning page to provide a significantly shopping experience your customers deserve. You will build perfect product pages and enjoy high conversion rates.



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