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Instagram Strategy For A Business How To Design it

Miguel Piñas

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Defining the Instagram strategy for a business is one of the most essential aspects of every social media campaign including the famous social network. In this article, we discuss how to build the perfect strategy for your company.

If you own a business and you want to be able to succeed as much as possible, you are going to have a variety of different social media platforms. One mistake that a lot of people tend to make is that they pay too much attention to Facebook and Twitter, and ignore the veritable goldmine that an Instagram strategy for a business can be.

Instagram is a popular social networking platform with more than 800 million active users. However, the success of popular brands on Instagram requires much more than posting images. It is actually the product of the brand identity with a thoughtful strategy, visual creativity, and community management.

This article will walk you through my top 10 Instagram marketing strategies:

1. Determine the objectives of your Instagram strategy for a business

First thing’s first, what do you want to achieve on Instagram? Consider the following for your Instagram marketing strategy:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the unique services that Instagram offers as compared to other platforms?
  • How will Instagram with the other networks in your social media strategy?

For example:

FlowersForDreams has an Instagram profile showcasing products and events with eye-catching and vibrant visuals.

Instagram Strategy For A Business: How To Design it

2. Creatively Display Services

Once your objective has been established, you need to fulfill it in the most creative way possible.

  • The important thing to realize here is that your products and services are actually not as unique as you might think, so you need to make yourself stand apart with your Instagram strategy for a business if you really want to succeed to succeed.
  • Oreo, for example, use a standardized color scheme so that all of their content can be recognized for the brand that is supposed to represent.

Instagram Strategy For A Business: How To Design it

3.  Optimize your entire profile

It can be rather tempting to write everything about what your company can do, but the fact of the matter is that you only have a limited number of characters at the end of the day. Use hashtags to get your point across and make yourself more visible as well.

  • You also need to optimize the one link you will be able to display in your bio, ensure that it is the best link that you can find so that your customers are taken directly to the best spot.
  • Use your company’s logo somewhere in the profile so that the users know it belongs to you.
  • Include geolocation and make sure your images and other content are consistent with your other social media properties.
  • A good example of this is Nike’s bio which is succinct and to the point with a brand hashtags.

Instagram Strategy For A Business: How To Design it

4. Do not forget the power of geolocations

Geotagging or Location tagging is another way to boost user engagement. Posts with a location receive around 79% higher engagement than posts without a geolocation.

Instagram Strategy For A Business: How To Design it

5. Incorporate Hashtags

Now you need to start adding hashtags to all of your posts.

  • You should see what hashtags pertain to your particular business and ensure that these hashtags are used in your content. Indeed, you should try and optimize the content that you are creating based on what hashtags are trending at any point in time.
  • This is going to help you make the most of your content and help it get to as many people as possible, as hashtags help improve the social reach of all of your posts.
  • According to a Research, posts with over 11 hashtags tend to get more engagement.

Instagram Strategy For A Business: How To Design it

6. Start Collaborating

If you really want your Instagram strategy for a business to succeed, the next step you need to start working with as many people as you can.

Try to find social media influencers and get them to share your products or feature in some of the content that you are producing.

One great example is from the influencer Daisybeet, who promoted to natural yogurt brand ‘Siggi’s’. As a result, her post received 2,965 likes and reached a new audience for Siggi’s that did not have access to.

7 . Start Instagram Specific Offers

This may hurt if you are trying to boost your profit margin, but the fact of the matter is that nothing boosts your social media reach like freebies.

  • Have people share or repost your content, have them use a specific hashtag, or do a number of different things in order to make them earn a freebie that they may want.
  • This will also help people get an idea of what your products are all about, which can help them spread the word if they end up liking what you have to offer.

Instagram Strategy For A Business: How To Design it

8. Develop an Instagram content strategy

According to a Research by SocialMedia2Day, referrals from Instagram spend the longest time on e-commerce websites with an average of around 192 seconds which is almost double Facebook and triple Pinterest.

Which type of content works best with Instagram? Consider the following tips:

  • Leverage user-generated content
  • Treat your content like your personal gallery
  • Execute a video or photo that really showcase an experience
  • Be honest and consistent
  • Inspire other like you want to be inspired
  • Stay on schedule
  • Ask your audience to take part
  • Cure to community
  • Stick to the theme
  • Post fresh content
  • Know your audience

9. Use the right tool to streamline your efforts

There are many great tools that can save your time and give you better insight into how well your posts are doing on the platform. You can only be successful on Instagram using any of the Instagram apps.

  • Iconosquare – this tool allows you to access your account via a web browser. It provides an insight regarding your videos and photos, which are getting the most engagement. It also helps to track who is following and unfollowing you.
  • Schedule – a full-service tool for scheduling, viewing and managing your posts.
  • Piqora – helps to find out the most engaging posts to share with your audience.

10. Boosting business results with Instagram ads

Instagram Strategy For A Business: How To Design it

Test out ads for your own business to extend the reach of your organic posts. According to a case study, McDonald received around 47 point lift by using Instagram ads feature. It may be worth trying for your business as well!

Instagram Strategy For A Business: How To Design it




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