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Designing The Perfect Facebook Strategy For A Business

Miguel Piñas

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In the light of the increased Facebook users, there is a high chance of connecting with your target audience. This opportunity comes handy when you consider the ultimate “Facebook strategy for a business”. Statistics show that there are more than 1.5 billions active users per month on Facebook. Moreover, there is a 17% Facebook users increase in the last two years.

By the same token, this trend can continue. This channel is unavoidable if you want to have a competitive play in social media marketing. Do you know you can create high quality and loyal fans to your Facebook page? You can convert potential fans into super fans. Super fans are those that have bought from you and have caused others to buy from you.

Likewise, you can continue to win more super fans from potential fans who were only friends to your fans. Then, how do you transform potential fans into superfans? It is a matter that not only requires patience, persistence and hard work but also a breakthrough strategy. And, this should be the best Facebook strategy for the business.

Facebook Strategy For A Business: Hands Down

Here are the core strategies to help you convert your Facebook page into a success story.

  1. Create Facebook Goals that Link Directly to Your Biggest Needs

Definitely, goals are fundamental in addressing your market needs. This applies in every market scenario. Do you need Facebook for marketing or to improve an existing strategy? This purely is a need. Create realistic goals that address your challenges using Facebook incorporating proper tracking tools.

Facebook can improve the quality of your sales. You can effectively reach your target through a smart Facebook strategy. It is through working smarter rather than harder that will get you bigger fish out of a bigger pool. Facebook can help you add more value to your organization. It can also help you get smarter growth. How?

Surprisingly, you can use Facebook to nurture your customers better. Facebook can improve awareness and avail more resources to an audience. You can advertise through Facebook ads, spend little and reach a broad audience.

  1. Learn Your Facebook Demographics

It is important to understand the latest Facebook demographics. They are critical to any marketing strategy. With 1.5billion users scrolling through their feeds, it is essential to know who you target to reach. Let’s look at a recent data on Facebook demographics as studied by social sprouts.

Facebook Usage Among Key Demographics


Designing The Perfect Facebook Strategy For A Business


Expressly, the data shows that women tend to use Facebook more frequently than men. The most active age group is 18-29. Additionally, with 62% of the oldest age using Facebook makes the channel the best to reach all age groups. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to Facebook. You can easily reach your target group including the youngest generation.

In addition, Facebook demographics covers all primary locations and encompasses all incomes evenly. It seems these demographics suite as the most worthy Facebook strategy for a business. Thus, use Facebook to target your most core business demographic.

  1. Give Your Facebook Page a Human Touch

To reap maximally from Facebook, you have to step out of your company logo. Interact with fans as if they are your friends. Let them have a feel of your personality in every post. Step away from your usual niche and show some personal side. You can do this through entertaining posts, photos and videos.

For example, if you recently had a team building trip, you can post some pictures taken during the event. They will let your fans see another side of you. When you change things a little by sharing your everyday personal experiences, you also create a rapport with your audience.

  1. Engage Your Audience Regularly

Ordinarily, the basic idea of a social media network is conversation and engagement. You should never sideline the two aspects. Be your audience community and make Facebook the place to hold discussions. Let it get the limelight of being your social customer care-platform. You should drive your audience to engage but not to wait for them to interact.

While you engage your fans on Facebook, consider you can’t do it just any time. Some studies show that it’s safe and healthy to post from 10.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m. Again, Thursday is the highly recommended time for posting.

  1. Create Consistent Calls to Action

While you try to create a genuine relationship with your audience, also move them to action. Start by posting valuable contents like exciting niche articles or videos, then use simple calls like “Click this”. You can also request them to sign for your newsletter. These simple calls to action will help you build affinity and trust with your fans. It is an essential Facebook strategy for a business that you may overlook but will mean a lot.

  1. Encourage Your Workforce to Use Facebook

Explicitly, social media is an essential resource for employee advocacy. Avail conducive environment for ease of use of social media. Make it a regular habit of sharing and encouraging employees to share contents on Facebook. You reach a greater audience by getting contents shared through employees feeds.

This Facebook strategy for a business begins with having an advocacy program. This is an arrangement that allows staff to share company info through social networks. Though a significant percentage of employees use social networks, they don’t know how to share the right content. Advocacy program will take you a long way on this path. You can use a tool like Bambu to track, promote and measure contents within your platforms.

  1. Manage Your Expectations Smartly

In the first place, you align your company’s vision with your Facebook goal. You must consider what you want your Facebook page to achieve. For instance, if you own a fitness staff store, your vision may be to sell high-tech fitness accessories. Your target customers may be athletes in your local community.

Your Facebook vision should be to pull a community of like-minded people. Therefore, Provide a platform for sharing running stories and offering support and advice. Your Facebook page may end up being a hub for Worldwide runners after some time. A well-thought vision can create the way for lucrative opportunities.

It is evident you can use Facebook to win an ocean of potential customers. From the recent studies, it’s clear that Facebook will continue being a powerful marketing tool. Therefore, it is a space you should fully utilize and develop your brand identity. With the above points, you will attain an optimal Facebook strategy for a business.



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